Happy Juneteenth Everyone! Let's Celebrate the Good News that we are FREE to LOVE and to BE LOVED!!! Glory Halleluiah!  Much Love...Kalimba

July 4th, 2012 – Eclectic Avenue Performs “Sundiata” by Djenaba Gregory Faal

Today is JUNETEENTH!!!

Every year, June 19th, some of us take the time to acknowledge and celebrate the arrival of the GOOD NEWS to the Newly FREED Africans & their Descendants that THE LAW of the LAND had OFFICIALLY outlawed the practice of owning people to USE for personal GREED & GAIN.

So, although the qualities of personal greed and gain at others’ expense is still alive and well in many people of every nationality today…I STILL RISE in the Knowledge that TRUE FREEDOM comes from the TRUTH that to LOVE and to BE LOVED is the Highest Freedom we ALL can CHOOSE for OurSelves.

Happy Juneteenth to ALL  FREE Fathers, Mothers, Sisters, Brothers, Sons & Daughters!

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I LOVE my Camera!

I Am Celebrating my INTERNET Service being back online after 4 months!!!

I AM CELEBRATING the fact the TODAY, after 4 months of being without INTERNET at Home…IT IS FINALLY WORKING AGAIN!!! Halleluiah!!! Thank you GOD and ALL the ANGELS!


Affirmations for Better Living (Kindle Locations 771-774). Kalimba Love Enterprises. Kindle Edition.

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Have a JOY-Filled, LOVE-filled, HAPPY FATHER’S DAY!

HAPPY FATHER'S DAY - June 16, 2013

~Kalimba Love, “Affirmations for Better Living”



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Excepted from “Affirmations for Better Living” e-Book.
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Unity of Pompano is sponsoring…

Soul Rhythms Drumming Meditation

Hosted by Naomi Parker, Unity Chaplain

Soul Rhythms-Unity

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M.O.M.M.A. Writers Class Postponed ’til September!

M.O.M.M.A. Writers Class Postponed ’til September!

FYI: By popular demand, this course has been postponed until fall. Several of you have indicated that vacation plans trump writing your books! I get it!!!

September it is! More prep time for me!!! 😉
HAPPY SUMMER! Safe Travels to you ALL…Much Love!

Hay House World Summit is IN PROGRESS NOW!
You can register for FREE!

I’m listening to Day 3 – Rev. Michael Beckwith speaks on the Life Visioning Process.


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Rev. Michael Beckwith Event at Unity on the Bay

Beckwith Event at Unity on the Bay

What a pleasure to see and hear Michael Bernard Beckwith (MBB) and Rickie Byars Beckwith (RBB) at Unity on the Bay in Miami last night! MBB was on fire as usual and spoke about Prosperity and Wealth being about reaching a vibratory frequency of Profound Love, Service & Gratitude. RBB lifted our spirits even higher with her awesome music. I’m so happy that my friends Rassika Bourgi and Mark Sykes got to see them for the first time Live!
I bought Rickie’s book, “Let My Soul Surrender“, which is beautiful and soulful and comes with the CD!
Rickie also said she has MY blue book, “Affirmations for Better Living”, and uses the journal! THAT sure felt good!

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Exciting Happenings!

Exciting things are happening all around me!

My book is published in e-Book AND Paperback and available on both Createspace E-Store and Amazon.com!!!  I don’t know how YOU feel about that, but I am WOWED by the amazement of it all! 🙂

Here are the links to purchase the book for your SELF or as a Perfect GIFT for a GRADUATE!

https://www.createspace.com/4004221 – for the Paperback

and I’ll get back with you on the Amazon.com link!


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